Back by popular demand is Acupuncture Happy Hour! We’ve been offering this amazing, affordable, recharge treatment at our Takoma Park location for years and now have some new times that are sure to fit your schedule! Prices are $25 for Happy Hour and $35 for Happy Hour Plus.

Whether it’s your first time experiencing acupuncture, you’d like support in between your full-body treatments, or you’re looking for a way to expand your meditative practice, you’ll enjoy the calming and energetically boosting effects of this auricular needle treatment. This group-setting treatment uses five needles positioned in each ear. The specific points are chosen to help cleanse the body and mind of environmental toxins while maximizing stress release and the ability of the body to heal and recharge itself.

Need a deeper level of healing? Upgrade to our Acupuncture Happy Hour Plus reclining chairs and receive a selection of body points that reset and rebalance your whole system. Although not the same customized experience or level of healing as full-body private acupuncture treatment, Happy Hour Plus will give you a sense of the powerful effect of this healing practice.

The service lasts between 35 – 45 minutes (but try and allow for 60 for relaxing afterwards) and is offered on Tuesdays at 6:30p, Fridays at 7:30p, and Saturday at 11a.