Ayurveda: A Return to Self

Jul 8, 2020

By Tammi Cox, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that focuses on bringing balance to all aspects of a being. When the world was creating a state of panic, I’ll admit – my anxiety was intense, to say the least…

I felt like I was losing my sense of Self to fear.  

It’s a tricky thing…fear.

It can overtake your mind, if you aren’t aware. 

And before you know it – you’re living your life from that state of fear.

Instead of your natural state – which is living through pure love and bliss. 

I was able to differentiate between my authentic Self and my mind being fueled by fear & anxiety. 

I had to ask myself:

1) Why am I losing sight of Self over something I CAN’T control? 

2) What CAN I control in this very moment? 

I chose to release that which I cannot change and took control over my mind. 

I got back my power by changing my perspective from this being a scary situation, to it being a moment to better myself.  

I also relied heavily on Ayurveda to help me be active even in an actionless time. 

Hopefully, my routine and tips can help your day-to-day.

Routines are big with Ayurveda…

Certain “mind-body” types [determined by your DNA] thrive with consistency, so a lack of routine can completely throw them off balance physically, mentally &/or emotionally.. [like myself 😔] 

Determining a new routine and incorporating daily has created stability for me during these times. 

My list has been ALL about SELF-CARE!

 Below are some things that I’ve personally been doing to hold my power, stand strong and care for my body, mind and soul!

 ** Ayurveda puts emphasis on specific time frames – [the concept is that there are three energetic forces that govern and influence our inner & outer environments throughout the day – movement, transformation, and structure.][I try to follow along with the “Ayurvedic Clock” so these energies will assist in specific tasks.] 

  • I wake-up around 6am [most days…] – 
    • And start my day with a full 25 fl. oz. glass water bottle & monitor my intake throughout the day to ensure I’m getting enough. [remember our bodies need ½ our body weight in fl. oz. each day!] 
    • I also grab a cup of herbal tea to sip on during these quiet morning hours. 
  • Next, by 8am I’ve moved on to meditation, breathing techniques and yoga!! These practices have always been my go to for centering myself, and I’ve been relying on them extra heavily lately! 
    • [my focus has been on hip opening yoga poses – because a lot of trapped emotion can get stored in the hips; as well as alternate nostril breathing technique to calm my nervous system; and meditation to quiet the chaos of the world to reconnect with my inner Self.] 
  • Between 10am – 2pm I’m usually doing an activity with brain power or focus
  • I usually break my nightly fast around 12pm to eat my heaviest meal, then eat dinner a couple hours before the sun sets – I eat fruit somewhere in between [3 hours away from my meals for proper digestion.] 
  • From 2-6pm I encourage creative energy – come up with ideas in my planner or exercise. 
    • [sometimes even just chillin’ with my pup Scrappy, or chatting with friends/family via phone/online.] 
    • [I try to allow for a bit more flow and flexibility within this time frame.] 
  • 6-10pm is where more self-care comes in – 
    • Ayurvedic massage of hands/feet [especially; if not whole body.] 
    • Gwa Sha for healthy lymphatic circulation. 
    • & sometimes even a herbal bath. 
  • I try to be in bed by 10pm 
    • [my goal is to eliminate using electronics after 9pm – as glowing screens can cause difficulty falling asleep.] 
    • [between 10pm-2am is when our body gets the best sleep quality and the healing process takes place.] 

I love having the space and flexibility to feel out all of my emotions, thoughts and ideas throughout the day… I do what I feel I need to physically and mentally process these uncertain times we’re in – [it allows for those inevitable slips in vibration – that sometimes we just can’t control…] 

But with a routine, we have that reminder to come back, take control and focus on the tasks we need to move forward with life. 

Thanks so much! 


Tammi Cox

TSP Esthetician & Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

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