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Wellness, balance, healing…..all popular buzz words that sound enticing and are easy get started with the latest craze, but how do we really achieve amidst the reality of our fast-paced world? Here we’ll bring you insight into how find wellbeing and peace for body, mind, and spirit.

What we are loving in January

January 29, 2021

WHAT WE ARE LOVING Here's where we connect you with our favorite tips and tricks about all things health, wellness and the messiness that is living in a human body. What We're Up To We are pleas...

Exercise your Brain with Neurofeedback

November 10, 2020

By: Tori Paide Clean Up and Organize your Brain Just like your smartphone, your brain is full of apps. Some of these apps are useful and make you work smarter, not harder. Others are outdated, slow ...

Falling off the wellness wagon

November 04, 2020

By: Tori Paide, Founder In theory and mostly practice, I am a proponet of practicing what I preach. However 2020 has challenged my self-care and centeredness to its core and I pretty much have faile...

Four Years Ago

October 29, 2020

Hard to believe it's been almost 4 years since this day... Our love for our country, world, and humanity stand strong, even though hope has sometimes wavered. We get asked a lot about Takoma Park and...

Covid Considerations

October 25, 2020

January 2021 update: As we are considered a health care facility in Maryland, many of our staff members have received the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine in mid-January. Given the close personal nature of a...

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