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Wellness, balance, healing…..all popular buzz words that sound enticing and are easy get started with the latest craze, but how do we really achieve amidst the reality of our fast-paced world? Here we’ll bring you insight into how find wellbeing and peace for body, mind, and spirit.

Covid-19 Closing Updates

March 25, 2020

Posted July 20

We are still waiting on Montgomery County to allow us to reopen…. as soon as we get word we’ll be opening our books for appointments, as we have taken great measures to keep our staff and guests safe during this pandemic. More on that soon….in the meantime, fingers crossed for some good news soon!

Posted July 6

As of today, July 6th, we still do not have the green light from Montgomery County, MD, to reopen. We are working hard behind the scenes to prepare our space and services to keep everyone as safe as possible and anticipate we’ll be able to open our doors approximately two weeks after the county says we can open. The delay will have to do with extensive staff training. I speak for many of our team members when I say WE MISS YOU and cannot wait to get back to doing what we love. Stay tuned here and on social media for updates and we hope to see you soon!

Posted March 30

After having spent 16 hours, literally, in front of the computer on Friday completing unemployment forms for our employees and applying for every possible grant and loan program that I’ve come across, I took a much needed break on Sunday from the screen. Last week I oscillated between “nose-to-the-grindstone-get-it-done” entrepreneurism and lying in bed in the fetal position…something I know many can relate to. Today I want to update everyone on what we are doing for our team and our members. Federal assistance aside, we qualify for some state loans and grants for both payroll as well as creative at-home work such as continuing education for our licensed practitioners as well as staff and leadership development. I have no idea how long until we see a check, but the good news is we get confirmation emails back from real people. I’m hopeful there will be opportunities to supplement unemployment checks for our staff and use this opportunity from home to work on the business on things we usually don’t have time to do. Promise Program members be sure to read this email and contact us about how you’d like us to handle your membership while we are closed. I am trying to get to everyone’s request at least within 48 hours. I hesitated taking this opportunity to advertise for TOMA, but have gotten a number of questions on where to get products. TOMA is currently shipping orders once a week and Promise Program members can still use their 10% off discount using code PP10 when checking out. You may hear me write this over and over, but we built this business and keep it growing by word of mouth. A Google or Yelp review will go a long way in attracting new clients when we reopen. Thank you in advance for your support! We wish everyone health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit as we navigate through these times.

Posted March 25

As we settle into the daily realty of uncertainty, it’s time to push back our reopening. Governor Hogan has not set a date for non-essential businesses to reopen, so we have decided to push back opening every two weeks until we get the green light. Today we will be canceling all booked appointments through April 15. If you have an appointment you will get a cancellation email today and we will stay in touch about rescheduling as the weeks unfold. Promise Program members please read this email that was sent out last week and keep us updated on how you’d like us to proceed with your membership. I have been working on applications for Maryland economic initiatives and it looks like we qualify for both grants and loans to help us through this time. My biggest concern is our employees, and I have been providing the state with necessary unemployment information as soon as I get the applications. Payroll ran yesterday and it was for an entire period minus Monday, so at least this week was somewhat financially “normal”….and we have some time to figure out the future. The Still Point has many overhead costs as well and we are working on loan and mortgage deferment. We are amongst the lucky ones…we are a financially sound business and will get through this. When spa-giant Red Door (rebranded as Mynd Spa) filed for bankruptcy last week I got scared. But then I got real: we are a strong, healthy business and we will make it, many thanks to our amazing community of Takoma Park.

With hope,


Posted March 16

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we are closing our doors as of today, March 16, in response to the current health crisis. We will be closed through March 27th and will assess the situation as it evolves. As scary as the unknown is, we believe this is the the correct decision for our business and we couldn’t be located in a community where we have as much hope for recovery than Takoma Park. Four years ago we had a devastating flood when we moved to our new location on Grant Avenue. It forced us to shut those doors for three months. Miraculously we found spaces to work out of and weathered the storm, as I was terrified I was going to lose it all. The community support during that time was unbelievable and when times get tough as an entrepreneur, which they most certainly do, I remember the outpouring of love from our clients. I am organizing some online events with practitioners – functional medicine, herbalism, meditation, Reiki, and more. We’ll be sure a schedule is available and recordings will be available if you cannot attend live. People have asked how they can help right now. These are uncertain times for all of us and we understand if you need to suspend your Promise Program membership for personal financial needs. I’ll send out a separate email to members this afternoon. We are extending all credits to June 1 so there will be will be no expirations. The best thing we can think of is to stay a member, as that revenue can help us pay for our expenses and figure out how we can keep our employees afloat. Gift card revenue will greatly help bridge this gap too.

We promise we’ll come back even stronger.



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