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Covid Considerations

October 25, 2020

January 2021 update: As we are considered a health care facility in Maryland, many of our staff members have received the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine in mid-January.

Given the close personal nature of all of our services, social distancing in the treatment room is not possible. However we have taken the guidance from the CDC, state and county officials, industry leaders, and some of our own ingenious ideas to keep our staff and guests safe. We have taken contact tracing and COVID-19 epidemiology courses to understand how the virus is spread and take extra precautions to do our work, and also our part to beat this disease. Every practitioner we employ has a state license, under which strict sanitation and infectious disease training were a part of their original education as well as continuing education. That, layered with our COVID-19 training, we feel confident we have an excellent plan in place.


Electronic forms – you will receive e-forms to fill out before arriving. A new COVID-19 intake form, required to be completed within 24 hours of your appointment, will ask about symptoms and exposure.

You’ll text us when you arrive so we can meet you at the door. 

Temperature checks – our staff are required to take their temperature before coming in for shift, and we will take your temperature upon arrival.

No shoes – our staff have always worn TSP-only shoes, you will change into sanitizable slippers.

Please do not bring large bags or anyone else without who doesn’t have an appointment.

We have social distancing markers and sneeze guards in our boutique. >No kombucha, tea, or water. We’ll have some emergency water bottles, but please bring your own.

We conduct hourly fogging with EPA and CDC approved disinfectant that is safe for breathing in.

We conduct routine restroom cleaning and public space surface cleaning.

We have a whole-spa filter as well as upgraded HVAC system on our second floor.

The rooms have minimal decor and we have stringent cleaning protocols with CDC approved cleaners.

For massage and acupuncture we require that you wear a face covering while supine. When lying down, we have a special pillow case in the face cradle that acts as covering, so you may remove your mask if you desire.

We have an "incubator" plastic guard for our facial services, allowing you to remove your face covering while our estheticians wear both face coverings and plastic shields. 

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