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Falling off the wellness wagon

November 04, 2020

By: Tori Paide, Founder

In theory and mostly practice, I am a proponet of practicing what I preach. However 2020 has challenged my self-care and centeredness to its core and I pretty much have failed miserably. I have found myself glued to my desk, not drinking enough water, reaching for entirely the wrong foods that I know will make my energy tank, staying up late clutching my phone swiping up for hopes of some good news...

Yep, I've fallen off of the wellness wagon. 

This week is a pivitol one I believe for humankind, and we are forced to wait. Never has there been a bigger challenge to harness the power of now. Over the past several years of my own spiritual journey, I think I have finally mastered what power in the now means. Not mastered the practice, but at least the understanding that memories are in the past and therefore cannot be acted upon and the future is just a made up best guess or shot in the dark. All that is really true is right now and I mean literally right now.

This is what I know about right now: the sun is shining on my face, I am typing on my keyboard, I hear what sounds like an airplane outside I am breathing.

Quickly my tricky mind goes to wondering where we are with counting votes, I need to finish this up so I can get on the road to work, I can't forget to take my lunch, etc etc etc. But I can get back to now, and truth, by simply observing this moment. 

So this is what I'm going to do today:

> Practice observing what is true right now (setting my timer to remind me hourly)

> Eat deeply nutritious fruits and vegetables (kale smoothie on its way)

> Drink 64 oz of water

I was about to promise no news until evening but that'd set me up for failure.... here's to staying centered in the big unknown!

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