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Wellness, balance, healing…..all popular buzz words that sound enticing and are easy get started with the latest craze, but how do we really achieve amidst the reality of our fast-paced world? Here we’ll bring you insight into how find wellbeing and peace for body, mind, and spirit.

Introducing our Oxygen Lift Facial!

September 29, 2017

Results! That is what you want (and we deliver) in all of our facials. Exfoliate me! Illuminate me! Make me look fresh and dewey! You got it. And now we’ve added another powerhouse facial to our list.

Our revolutionary O2 facial vows to leave you exfoliated, illuminated, and oxygenated. Packed with fruit enzymes, oxygen, and plant stem cells, this natural treatment is gentle enough even for brides the morning-of, but unveils luminosity you probably haven’t seen in years!

We start out with a thorough, yet refreshing cleanse with the appropriate TOMA cleanser. The “lift” portion of the treatment includes a papaya and pineapple enzyme peel, gently exfoliating the skin and prepping it for the oxygenation. The oxygen mask is applied and within a few minutes, it turns foam-like and begins to bubble and fizz while it oxygenates the skin at a cellular level.

Oxygen is essential to healthy skin. We use oxygen at a cellular level to rejuvenate, repair, and regrow skin cells. When we’re younger this process works efficiently. As we age, it slows down. Environmental factors like poor food choices, pollutants, late nights, and sun damage all add up to a clogged, slow-running excretory system that can’t turn over cells as quickly as it used to. Applying oxygen directly to the face gives your cells that extra boost it needs to fight the aging process.

We finish off with a stem cell booster serum designed to get high doses of plant stem cells, vitamin C, and botanicals into the deeper layers of the skin, to rejuvenate, repair and protect the skin. This is massaged in for a decadent 10-15 minutes. You’ll be floating on a cloud!

Your skin will be fresh, bright, and deeply nourished!

Currently offered in both our Takoma Park and Haven on the Lake locations. 

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