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Wellness, balance, healing…..all popular buzz words that sound enticing and are easy get started with the latest craze, but how do we really achieve amidst the reality of our fast-paced world? Here we’ll bring you insight into how find wellbeing and peace for body, mind, and spirit.

Meet our Lead Massage Therapist, Phyllis Jordan

October 14, 2019

What got you into massage and energy work?

Unbeknownst to me in my formative years, I was always training to become a Massage Therapist. My oldest brother would request back massages, walking on his back or “karate chopping” his legs, while my mother who was a career Corrections Officer would ask for foot and scalp massage. Fast Forward to many years later I took the leap to pursue my education and training for Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing which prompted any early retirement from Corporate America. I absolutely love what I do for a living because it never feels like work. Healing, relaxation and providing therapeutic touch is an essential part of life. It is truly a rewarding feeling to be needed in the lives of others; as part of their wellness or self-care routine.

Why did you join The Still Point?
I joined TSP because I was looking for a spa that not only talked about complete whole wellness but is Since becoming a Massage Therapist and Energy healer, it has been challenging to fit into the right environment that offers an even balance of “work”, life, energetic connectedness and the comfort of a family. I recall about 6 years ago, I applied for a Front Desk Assistant position at Haven on the Lake (the other location that has since closed). I was still in a corporate position while completing my schooling at the Central Maryland School of Massage. I wanted to get my foot in the door so to speak; until I became licensed. I did not get that position but when I reapplied for the Takoma Park location as a Massage Therapist Lead, I realized the Universe had other plans once I met Tori. I began in December 2018 and have not looked back. I’ve been a part of other spas and worked and learned from wonderful people in the industry thus far but like my approach to massage treatments with me, providing an experience outweighs just a service. At TSP, we Practitioners have the capability to create and “run” our own business. I am grateful for the opportunities here!

What does self-care look like to you?
Self-care in my eyes is any activity that provides peace, comfort, energy, replenishment, entertainment, fitness, healing and restoration to mind, body and spirit. Self-care should also be a regimen of somewhat routine activities, services and experiences. My self-care includes but certainly is not limited to: Pilates, yoga, meditation, writing, journaling, reading, studying, running, spending time with family and friends, cooking, hosting meals, going on restorative retreats, massage, acupuncture, detoxification, fasting, nurturing, creating and most of all LOVING.

What do you do for fun?
I like so many different things to be entertained by. For fun, I enjoy a plethora of activities; dancing, mini-golf, concerts/plays/comedy shows, spending time with and being silly with my family. I love museums, roller skating, going to the gun-range and creating things. I am very interested in creating ceramics and glass blowing and becoming a wine enthusiast.

What’s something you are currently struggling with?
I am currently struggling with a healthy balance of self-care, rest and healing. With so much turmoil going on with politics, world events, dysfunction of the climate and many people struggling with PTSD, anxiety and depression, I am drawn and driven to be of service to others. I try to avoid depleting myself so reinventing what my own personal wholeness plan is, has become paramount to my homeostasis and overall wellness.

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