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Wellness, balance, healing…..all popular buzz words that sound enticing and are easy get started with the latest craze, but how do we really achieve amidst the reality of our fast-paced world? Here we’ll bring you insight into how find wellbeing and peace for body, mind, and spirit.

We welcome acupuncturist Shelby Godla!

September 27, 2019

Our newest team member, Shelby Godla comes with a wealth of knowledge! We sat down with her and learned what makes her tick, her approach to healing, and what she’s working on in her own journey to wholeness. 

What got you into acupuncture?

My own wellness journey! In my early 20s I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a gynecologic condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow outside of the uterus during the menstrual cycle.  Each month I was met with debilitatingly painful and needless to say I was desperate for a solution. My gynecologist told me that my options were to go on hormonal birth control or undergo surgery to cut it out. Neither option was something that I was interested in so I looked into alternatives. I sought an experienced practitioner who gave me eight treatments and 2-3 months of herbs and my symptoms have never returned. I was sold!

Why did you join The Still Point?

I joined The Still Point for the opportunity to work with an amazing group of strong and powerful women in the Takoma Park community. I grew up in the DMV area and after 10 years of exploring the world and different modalities of health and healing, I could not be more excited to share all that I have learned.

What does self-care look like for you?

This question has an ever evolving answer for me.  Self-care used to look like getting up early, two yoga classes per day followed by green juice, all on a background of self-shaming and underlying self-loathing. I was never good enough. Never worthy enough, regardless of how well I ate or how much I practiced.

Now, self-care looks softer.

It’s yoga at home that is sometimes hard and sweaty and sometimes just five minutes of stretching. It’s sleeping 8-9 hours every night because I deserve to rest. It’s learning how to massage my own belly and womb space so that I can recommend with a part of my body that I have long been disconnected from. It’s not eating wheat products and coffee because the city makes my tendency towards anxiety creep up without my noticing. It’s noticing the seasons and the changes in life that happen with their change. It’s sitting with my cat and reading a good book. This works for me now, but who knows what the future will hold!

What do you do for fun?

So many different things! I am definitely a person that goes through waves of interest and consider myself to be more of a generalist than a specialist. Depending on the season (in the year and in my life) I can be found outside hiking/camping, rock climbing and on or off-piste skiing.  If I can’t manage to get outside? Books. I LOVE to read, I love to learn, I love to experience other people’s authentic expressions in the world (although I won’t ever pass up a good novel either). I also love to cook (preferably from my own garden) and have an undying interest in all things minimalist and eco-friendly.

What are you currently struggling with?

BOUNDARIES. This is a big one for me. I was not modeled healthy boundaries as a child and so I tend to oscillate between overly porous and overly rigid boundaries. I am either letting people walk all over me or cutting them out completely. It is a balance that is teaching me the importance of knowing myself, trusting myself and listening to the intuitive nudges that are always around me. My emotions are trying to tell me something. Am I listening?

Shelby sees private acupuncture patients Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays and is available for Community Acupuncture too. See her schedule here.

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