In an effort to provide non-invasive, natural therapies that work with the body's innate sense of balance, we now offer Neurofeedback to children, teens, and adults. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive technique that uses a computer-based program to assess a brainwave activity, then provides immediate feedback to reorganize or retrain these brain signals.

braincore neurofeedback can help

  • adhd

  • anxiety

  • autism

  • depression



  • migranes



the brainmap

After a thorough questionnaire and health history intake, your first session involves brain "mapping" so we know how your brain waves are organized. You'll be connected to a computer using wires and sensors, thereby allowing the BrainCore technology to monitor the brainwave activity. The sensors read what your brain is doing; no current goes into your brain. The assessment allows your practitioner to determine whether your brainwave patterns are different from normal and will identify which areas of the brain may be too active or not active enough. This Brain Map provides an invaluable overview of what is going on in the brain and will be used to create a restorative plan of care. Your Brain Map provides your practitioner with neurofeedback training protocols designed to retrain the brainwave patterns towards normal, restoring health, healing, and functionality for lasting results.


the training

The experience is actually quite relaxing as you get to watch your favorite show or play a game. Connected to a computer using wires and sensors, the BrainCore technology is able to monitor your brainwave activity. The software automatically detects when the brainwaves are properly ordered and feeds that information back to you in real time. The feedback appears in the form of a game, movie, or sound which signals to that the brainwaves are becoming more ordered. Your own brainwaves actually control the game, movie or sound activity, and the observation of this dynamic helps the brain learn how to improve its own regulation. 15 - 30 session may be needed for permanent change and home units are available for short-term lease.

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Ongoing series of 3

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meet Alex Trebing

Acupuncturist + Neurofeedback Practitioner

Alex Trebing

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Acupuncturist + Neurofeedback Practitioner

Allison Kramp

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