The integrity of what you put on your body
is as important as what you put in it. 

Facial Boosts

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Essential Facial 

The Essential Facial is a custom treatment to address your skincare needs. Our Essential facial is the base to our results-driven boosts or can be booked as a stand-alone express treatment.
Choose from the following options:
Essential Relaxation - focused massage gently stimulates skin circulation, excellent if you want a soothing, relaxing experience
Essential Clearing - exfoliating with minimal extractions, great for combination/oily/congested skin
Essential Hydration - replenishing and hydrating, deeply nourishes dry/mature/dehydrated skin less
*let us know your preference in the notes section when booking or discuss with your esthetician which treatment is right for you*

 $84, 30 minutes

Essential Facial + One Boost

Choose your Essential Facial (Relaxation, Clearing, or Hydration) and add ONE boost to target your specific skin goals.
Our boost options provide additional healing, clearing, firming, exfoliation, brightening, and more within each treatment.
*let us know your choice when booking or discuss with your esthetician which treatment is right for you*

$124, included in the promise program (Former level one facial), 45 mintues

$164 (+$20 for three boosts), 60 minutes

Essential Facial + Two or Three Boosts

Choose two or three boosts to supercharge and fully customize your facial. See to the right for boost options or let your esthetician guide you to what is right for your skin's unique needs. 

(This is formerly our Level Two and Level Three Facials, new and improved!)


A boost aimed to heal the skin while increasing cell turnover. High Frequency uses alternating current to produce a mild heat affect activating the healing process within the skin. Great for Anti-Aging, Acne, and Sensitive skin types .


Choose 1 - 3 or leave it up to your esthetician to guide you

A boost aimed to purge the skin of dirt and oil. Sonic Dermabrasion vibrates the skin cells stimulating blood flow while pushing dirt and oil out of the pores. Great for Acne, Oily, Dry and Dehydrated skin types.

Deep Cleaning

A boost aimed to increase collagen within the skin. LED Technology is a non thermal way of converting light into cellular energy thus stimulating the skin’s collagen production. Great for Anti-Aging, Acne, Sun Damaged, Hyperpigmented and Tired skin types.

LED Therapy

A boost aimed to tone and stimulate facial muscles. Microcurrent mimics the brain’s messages to the facial muscles thus stimulating the motor nerves and firming the skin. Great for Anti-Aging, Acne and Tired skin types.


A boost aimed to hydrate the deepest layers of the skin. Galvanic Current causes chemical changes as it passes through the skin allowing products to penetrate to the deepest of layers for lasting hydration. Great for Anti-Aging, Dry and Dehydrated skin types.


A boost aimed to encourage high cell turnover for younger looking (and acting!) skin. Chemical Exfoliation at different pH levels dissolve the dead skin cells making room for new ones. Great for Anti-Aging, Acne, Oily, and Hyperpigmented skin types.

Deep Exfoliation

A boost aimed to make the skin more radiant and smooth. This Oxygenating treatment instantly brightens, speeds up healing and circulation by bringing nutrients to the skin, fights toxins and reduces stress. Great for Anti-Aging, Dry, Acne, Oily, and Dehydrated skin types.


A boost aimed to plump and smooth the skin. Gua Sha improves circulation to a reveal smoother, tighter complexion, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and aiding the skin’s ability to purge buildup in the pores. A glowy complexion is immediate. Great for Anti-Aging, Puffy and Tired skin types.

Plumping + Smoothing