AcuGlow Treatment


Beautiful skin is just as much an inside process as an outside one. In our exclusive AcuGlow treatment, receive the energy balancing advantages of Chinese Medicine with the healing and toning benefits of our beloved customized facials.
Each treatment includes several options that are chosen to customize your experience based on what your face and body needs. First you’ll have a skin analysis and acupuncture assessment. Often times what concerns you about your skin indicates an imbalance in your internal qi (pronounced “chee”), or energy. We select and add body acupuncture points to help balance your skin from the inside out.

After a customized cleanse, you’ll receive the blood circulating and detoxifying benefits of gua sha, a gentle facial massage with a jade tool and TOMA customized Facial Hydrate. Often referred to as “facial sculpting,” gua sha smooths fine lines and wrinkles, plumps, tightens and rejuvenates skin. After a custom TOMA mask, you’ll de-puff and brighten with facial cupping, what we love to describe as feeling like “baby octopus kisses.” Small suction cups glide over the skin and gently lift the facial tissue, resulting in increased blood circulation as well as stimulation and draining of the lymph nodes.

During analysis if your practitioner determines it may be beneficial, our famous Sonic Dermabrasion treatment will be included for gentle exfoliation and immediate cellular turnover without any redness or irritation.

You’ll leave tighter, brighter, happier and better balanced.