Holistic Skincare

Our results-driven treatments begin with the best skincare technologies and products, customized for your unique skin’s needs and expertly administered by our expert estheticians. And because we take a holistic view in addressing your aesthetic goals, we ensure results without harmful toxins and harsh chemicals.

Radiance Facial

This personalized experience transforms your skin, correcting specific conditions and addressing individual skin health needs. Our potent proprietary herbal formulations are combined with either microcurrent or nano infusion technology for remarkable results. All options include a luxurious hand treatment and massage, resulting a deeply relaxing experience and noticeably radiant skin.

Choose from four options based on your goals and skin concerns. Don’t worry if you are uncertain about what to select. Our expert esthetician will guide you based on your intake and skin analysis and ensure individualized treatment.

Add on LED Rainbow Light Therapy (+$40) to target your skin’s needs with a customized light frequency that goes below the surface to heal and improve skin texture and tone.

60 Minutes – $194

Firm + Lift
The alchemy of a high-touch facial combined with active serums, detoxifying masks, and microcurrent toning technology tightens the skin and provides a visible youthful lift.

Detox + Clarify
Address active breakouts and reduce scarring with anti-inflammatory healing masks and nano-infusion technology, rebalancing and renewing skin at its deepest level.

Brighten + Tone
Skin-brightening fruit enzyme exfoliation and powerful botanical antioxidants combined with microcurrent technology target dull skin tone and hyperpigmentation to deliver luminous results.

Calm + Soothe
Healing enzyme and vitamin C serums combined with microcurrent technology effectively work to renew skin’s overall balance, combating redness and leaving even the most sensitive skin glowing.


The Geneo Illuminate Facial works to brighten and smooth skin tone, improves hyper-pigmentation and protects the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Powerful brightening ingredients deliver beneficial ingredients to the skin to improve skin texture and appearance and provide visibly brighter skin. Powerful antioxidants deliver beneficial ingredients to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin without the downtime associated with other exfoliation and dermabrasion systems.

The Essential Facial

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with The Essential Facial, a blissful journey that harmonizes mind, body, and skin. Designed to restore balance and radiance, this facial treatment combines the power of luxurious botanicals and expert techniques to leave a sense of renewal and revitalization. 

Recommended for all skin types.


Lean into your body’s natural healing response with microneedling and noticeably improve your skin. This minimally invasive treatment creates tiny (micro) punctures in the top layer of the skin. The process stimulates collagen production which reduces the signs of aging, evens skin tone, and improves scars and fine lines. Microneedling also aids the absorption of serums and topicals, making at-home products more effective. Microneedling benefits all skin types, particularly those seeking improvement of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars. Typically we recommend one treatment per decade, so if you are 40 years old, 4 monthly treatments and then 4 times yearly for upkeep.

Series of 3 includes a TOMA Skin Therapies Essential System ($198 value) for at-home care. Save $498.

Acuglow™ Treatment

The AcuGlow™ is a luxurious, deeply relaxing facial treatment that promotes cellular regeneration while it firms and oxygenates skin. The TOMA proprietary bian sculpting stone’s ultrasonic pulses have a distinct resonance that make this high-touch ritual a custom treatment. The AcuGlow™ includes LED light therapy customized for your skincare goals. You’ll leave brighter, tighter, and have a radiant glow.

Teen Facial

Thorough cleansing and extractions is the focus of our teen facial treatment, but also is education on laying the foundation for a life of healthy skin. Our compassionate estheticians give tips and directions on how teens can keep their skin in balance with a good skincare routine.

Teen Facial Bundle

Good skin hygiene continues at home with a full sized TOMA Balancing Cleanser and Healing Enzyme Serum ($100 value). In combination with our deep cleaning Teen Facial, we send them home with a plan to heal and nourish skin. Save $29.


Upgrade your facial treatment with results enhancing options.

facial treatment

Professional Peel

needle treatment for face

Nano Infusion

massage and facial

Gua Sha

facial treatment


facial services

Bright Eyes

lashes and brows

Eyebrow Sculpting

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Hear from our guests

36 weeks pregnant and went in for a prenatal massage. Highly recommended to all mama-to-be! Beautiful establishment and staff was very welcoming. Prenatal certified therapist Ursula was fabulous and I had the most amazing 60-minute massage. We used a body pillow to get me comfortable and settled in a side lying position while she did her magic. She used the right amount of pressure and I felt so relaxed afterwards. It was a nice splurge and self-care before Baby Girl arrives!

Leah Cho

on Our Massage Services

The Still Point just keeps getting better. Serene, tasteful decor. Helpful staff. First-class massage therapists. This year I joined the Promise Program that gives me a discount on monthly massages. I had a new therapist today, Leilani, who did wonders for my shoulder. Excellent work.

Joseph C

on the Promise Program

I've been getting facials at The Still Point since shortly after the spa opened in 2007. I love the expert estheticians, the high-quality skin-care products, and the compliments I get on my skin! Of course, The Still Point's beautiful, relaxing environment also keeps me coming back.

Bernadine Watson

Guest Since 2007

Professional Peel

Professional natural acid peels reverse sun damage, promote cell turnover, and minimize fine lines and acne.

Select during checkout for $50.

Nano Infusion

This deep hydration softens fine lines, improves acne, and reduces hyperpigmentation while stimulating collagen production.

Select during checkout for $75.

Gua Sha

Tighten, tone, and reduce puffiness while relieving facial tension and promoting circulation with this blissful massage.

Select during checkout for $30.


Lift, tone, and tighten. Improve collagen production and diminish fine lines. Additional 15 minutes required.

Bright Eyes

Refresh and brighten your eyes with TOMA’s peptide-infused eye formula and soothing Gua Sha.

Select during checkout for $25.

Eyebrow Sculpting

Professional grooming and definition of your eyebrows. Call to book for $30.

Free LED with a Radiance Facial

Book by July 17th and get a LED enhancement ($50 value) with any one of our customized new Radiance Facials

Microneedling Series

Save with a package of three and get results with monthly treatments and a TOMA Skin Therapies Essential Systems for at-home care. Save $398

Sauna Series

Ongoing infrared sauna treatment is proven for weight loss, detoxification, reducing inflammation, and helps with insomnia. Save with a package of three.

Promise Program

Make wellness a priority and save 15%.  Our flexible membership gives access to priority booking and much more.

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