Treatments that Support Healing

Massage therapy

Relax in the moment, heal long-term. Our ancient healing modalities and custom-tailored massage treatments melt stress and tension, while addressing your unique needs and wellness goals. Let go of whatever you carry and let our therapists guide you into balance.

Custom Massage

Tailored for what your body needs at the time, your therapist customizes this service just for you using a combination of techniques. Stress melts and tension in both body and mind is relieved.

Asian Bodywork

Experience a variety of Asian bodywork modalities such a fire cupping, Tui Na, Gua Sha, and more. Your practitioner will choose the tools to best melt tension and offer relief from pain and tightness.

Immune Boost Treatment

A vigorous, yet soothing dry brushing session that exfoliates and promotes detoxifying lymphatic drainage is followed by a custom massage treatment to stimulate the immune system.

Prenatal Massage

Our certified prenatal therapists use special, safe techniques to help decrease stress, aid relaxation, and soothe aches and pains for expecting mothers. This massage can be safely performed in all three trimesters.

Thai Massage

A traditional healing modality, sometimes called Yoga Massage,  that incorporates joint mobilization and active stretches to move and release stagnant energy.

This massage uses a mixture of deep tissue pressure, muscle and joint stretching, and gentle adjustments of the body into yoga-like poses. Wear comfortable clothing.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle, rhythmic style of massage that uses precise cadence and pressure to stimulate lymph vessel contraction. Reduces inflammation, fluid retention, and pain.


A traditional therapy that focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of the feet to balance energy and bring a greater sense of wholeness.

Teen Massage

Our therapists who specialize in working with Tweens and Teens ages 11-17 give a customized massage by using a combination of techniques. For ages 11-14, an adult or guardian must be in the treatment room, and for ages 15-17, an adult or guardian must be on the premises. 

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Enhance Your Experience

Enhance your massage with therapeutic additions ranging from full body exfoliation, inflammation reduction, and lymphatic drainage to address internal imbalances, support detoxification, and increase circulation.

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Himalayan Salt Stones

a spa massage

Basalt Hot Stones

healing spa massage

CBD Compound & Oil

relax massage

Theragun Therapy

massage at the spa

Dry Brushing

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Hear from our guests

36 weeks pregnant and went in for a prenatal massage. Highly recommended to all mama-to-be! Beautiful establishment and staff was very welcoming. Prenatal certified therapist Ursula was fabulous and I had the most amazing 60-minute massage. We used a body pillow to get me comfortable and settled in a side lying position while she did her magic. She used the right amount of pressure and I felt so relaxed afterwards. It was a nice splurge and self-care before Baby Girl arrives!

Leah Cho

on Our Massage Services

The Still Point just keeps getting better. Serene, tasteful decor. Helpful staff. First-class massage therapists. This year I joined the Promise Program that gives me a discount on monthly massages. I had a new therapist today, Leilani, who did wonders for my shoulder. Excellent work.

Joseph C

on the Promise Program

I've been getting facials at The Still Point since shortly after the spa opened in 2007. I love the expert estheticians, the high-quality skin-care products, and the compliments I get on my skin! Of course, The Still Point's beautiful, relaxing environment also keeps me coming back.

Bernardine Watson

Guest Since 2007

Enhancement Service Here

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Essential Oil Tonic

Not just aromatherapy, our Essential Oil Tonics address internal imbalances through expertly blended plant essences.

Each tonic has been created to work on a systemic level and blended in a carrier oil that allows for optimal penetration into the body.

Developed with the help of a clinical aromatherapist, all blends are diluted and will not irritate the skin or affect the endocrine system. Safe for pregnancy.

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Himalayan Salt Stones

These special stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals that help decrease inflammation in the body through a detoxifying negative ion charge. Muscles are gently warmed and skin is exfoliated.

Hot Basalt Stones

Heated basalt stones are strategically placed on the body and used to release muscle tensions and toxins. A relaxing experience that soothes muscles and increases circulation and well-being.

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CBD Compound & Oil

Cannabinoids in our CBD compound help reduce inflammation and soothe muscles. This concentrated compound brings relief to specific areas of discomfort and tightness.

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Theragun Therapy

Rapid percussion therapy brings targeted to relief to tight spots. 

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Dry Brushing

Benefits include full-body exfoliation and detoxification from assisted lymphatic drainage. You get to take home your own natural bristle brush. 

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Microneedling x3

3 monthly treatments and a TOMA Skin Therapies Essential System. Save $398.

Infrared Sauna Series

Heal from the inside out. Save 10% on a of 20 or 40 minute sessions. 

Spa Day Save $25

Massage, facial, and infrared sauna treatment– The dream day of pampering!

Teen Facial

Cleansing, extractions, and education are the core of this teen-focused treatment.

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