The Still Point

Tori Paide

Founder, Acupuncturist

Tori made a major career move in 2001 after experiencing healing benefits of acupuncture for chronic stress. After graduating from acupuncture school she built her personal practice in Takoma Park, but found herself wanting to connect with and work alongside other practitioners. The Still Point was born from a single room in 2007 to what it is today through Tori’s persistence and passion for wellness in our community. She continues to practice acupuncture, as she is driven to help others find health and balance through alternative medicine. When not focused on The Still Point, you’ll find Tori spending time with her family and dogs in the garden or on a home design project.


Alisa Oliver

Wellness spa director

A career spa director, Alisa has mastered the gift of orchestrating a busy business with many moving parts so well that you feel like you’ve simply come home when you enter The Still Point. Her approach to a successful spa starts with a happy team and she focuses her leadership on mentoring and nurturing relationships with our practitioners. With a calm spirit and bright, genuine smile, Alisa helps create the “je ne sais quoi” we so often get compliments on: the palpable positive energy at The Still Point. She has a green thumb and enjoys gardening on our property as well at home and loves watching movies with her teenage son.


Chana Zeller

Lead guest coordinator

Chana offers a very personal, connected experience to everyone she interacts with. A people person with a knack for detail, she is focused on an exemplary experience from the first interaction to the last. Having years of customer service experience, Chana thrives on making you feel supported on the path to wellbeing and helps you discover new services and recommends the most perfect products. To her, wellness means taking care of herself and allowing time to reset, so when not at The Still Point you’ll oftentimes find her immersed in a new creative craft or DIY project.


Mecklit Gezahagn

Guest coordinator

Mel is your go-to for booking appointments and discovering the right treatments for your body and mind. She believes that the journey towards wellbeing starts outside the treatment room with your very first interaction at the spa and makes it a priority to foster a positive and warm environment. An extrovert who loves meeting new people, Mel thrives on making clients feel supported on their path to wellness. Originally from Ethiopia and fluent in Amharic, Mel loves to rally on the tennis court or curl up with a good book.

Naya Chase

Naya Chase

Guest Coordinator

Naya knows that your experience at The Still Point starts with your interaction at the front desk. There is no answer she won’t find and she goes above and beyond to make the guest experience exceptional. To Naya, wellness means staying active in body, mind, and spirit, and finds her personal gym-time where she finds this balance. She loves travel, experiencing new places, and meeting new people. 

Sendu Azemete

Spa assistant

Sendu brings her love for organized clean spaces to The Still Point. So much goes on behind the scenes to make the guest experience special, and Sendu personally touches so much that contributes to your services from start to finish. With a long career in spa operations, she brings knowledge and perseverance to creating calm out of chaos! 


Spa assistant

Serkalem has always been a relentless organizer who recognizes that positivity, gratitude, and the health of communities flourish when their surroundings are clean and welcoming to everyone. Her view that simplicity and positivity impact mental and physical well-being is evident at The Still Point, where she ensures everyone has what they need, when needed, with as little friction as possible. Outside of work, you’ll find Serkalem in her very tidy home, lost in a book or movie.

Andrea Long

Massage Therapist

Passionate about healing through bodywork but also knowing that a calm state of mind contributes to wellness, Andrea takes a full body-mind approach to her massage practice. She is particularly skilled at therapeutic massage to improve circulation, promote relaxation, and relieve injuries. Having been formally a pastry chef, Andrea has gifted hands and a knack for details. How does she tend her own body and mind? When not working, Andrea likes to play kickball and often is found swept away in a great novel.

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Anthony DiMuro

Massage Therapist

An athlete and mountain climber, Anthony focuses on re-aligning the musculature in his work as a massage therapist. His whole-body approach incorporates myofascial work and Structural Integration to restore postural balance and create immediate relief for clients struggling with sports injuries and back pain. Led by the belief that true wellbeing is harmony between the mind and body, Anthony spends his free time exercising his brain at the chessboard and challenging his endurance on the country’s highest peaks.

MT_Bianca Eulitz copy

Bianca Eulitz

Massage Therapist

Bianca’s career beginnings as a fitness trainer evolved into massage therapy as she wanted to address healing the body from a holistic approach. She is skilled in bodywork for injuries and pain, with extensive continuing education in rehabilitation and muscular-skeletal techniques including myofascial and craniosacral therapies. Understanding that wellness requires an overall approach for the mind, body, and spirit to reach balance, Bianca herself pays close attention to how she cares for her own body and mind. When not in the treatment room, you’ll find her doing kettlebell workouts, rock climbing, and spending time  outdoors adventures with her dogs.


Brian Smith

Massage Therapist

Brian started receiving massage therapy in his early 20s due to various sports related injuries and experienced such positive results that he decided to pursue a career in massage. Particularly focused on helping relieve pain, Brian combines deep tissue, Swedish, and sport massage techniques in his custom massage sessions.  Passionate about the outdoors, he loves to ski, kayak, hike, run, bike, and swim.  Fun fact:  Brian has hiked over 800 miles on the Appalachian trail and is working on biking 50 miles in every state.


Ceara Yates

Massage Therapist

After getting into massage therapy as a way to help her injured mother, who sought to avoid surgical interventions, Ceara came to The Still Point to help guests relieve tension and find peace in their busy days. With her quirky and caring energy, Ceara brings peace to new and returning guests with ease. Her views toward the importance of stress-free moments and relaxation in a person’s overall wellness extend to her personal life where she prioritizes worry-free decompression outside of work as well.


Chaowei Wang

Massage Therapist

A long-time advocate for the benefits of holistic health and yoga, Chaowei developed a passion for massage therapy to positively impact both body and mind. At The Still Point, he is known for his diligence in gently addressing the needs of each guest and his aptitude for providing appropriate guidance on their wellness plan. Well-versed in various massage disciplines, including Shiatsu, pregnancy, and hot stone massage, the reward of addressing a range of needs for his guests keeps him energized each day. Outside of work, you can find Chaowei hiking or hand-crafting unique jewelry.


Conrad Young

Massage Therapist

With fond memories of massages he gave his aging parents decades ago, Conrad made a career change to massage with a clear passion for caregiving. This compassionate touch translates into all of his services helping you achieve stress relief, relaxation, and improved circulation.  He brings a sense of humor, collaborative spirit, and desire to bring healing to others that is notable, and believes that wellness includes a positive outlook that fosters self-care. When not sharing his gift of touch, Conrad loves listening to music and communing with friends and family.


Curtiss Toliaferro

Massage Therapist

Curtiss has spent the last three decades as a police officer protecting and serving the Washington, D.C. area. As Curtiss nears retirement, he has decided to pursue a new career in massage therapy. As part of his therapy style, Curtiss pays close attention to the small details, hoping to bring balance to the client’s mind and relief to their body. It is his goal to create a healing space where the guest leaves in better condition than when they came in. Additionally, Curtiss is currently studying Oncology massage to better help guests on their cancer healing journeys. Outside of the treatment room, you’ll find Curtiss bicycling and enjoying the great outdoors.


David Allen

Lead Massage Therapist

David’s calm spirit and soothing demeanor is notable and translates to a deeply relaxing, yet effective massage treatment. His early days of Kung Fu set him on the path of the healing arts, and today as a certified yoga and fitness instructor David understands the body and its structural alignment. As an intuitive therapist, he specializes in deep tissue and myofascial release. When not in the treatment room you can find David loyal to his own yoga practice, as he prioritizes self-care and knows he needs to practice what he preaches!

MT_Edwina Davis copy

Edwina Davis

Massage Therapist

A nurturing, compassionate bodyworker, Edwina shifted from a career in public health to the healing modality of massage therapy. She has a supportive, healing, and relaxing touch. Aside from traditional massage modalities, Edwina focuses on all stages of childbirth with certifications in prenatal and postpartum massage and teaches infant massage. She also practices Reiki, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology. Edwina believes that wellness is pursuing a healthy holistic lifestyle including physical, mental and spiritual balance without chronic suffering from disease or discomfort. Practicing her own mind-body balance, Edwina stays fit with regular water aerobics.


Emily Wertz

Massage Therapist

After years of involvement in acroyoga, Thai massage, and alchemical alignment, Emily became interested in massage therapy as a way to facilitate healing and well-being in her community. At The Still Point, she provides gently grounding bodywork to guests who revel in the perceptive way she addresses each concern. The attentive service to the heart chakra that guides her methods and approach to work and life is evident in every massage. Outside of The Still Point, you can find Emily making art, reading, or spending time outdoors.

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Everett Jones

Massage Therapist

Everett Jones is a massage therapist with a journey that started in middle school. He was inspired by his father, who was then attending massage school. Asked to practice with his father, Everett quickly realized his potential and pursued a career in massage therapy immediately after high school.
He believes massage therapy should be an integral part of everyone’s healthcare routine. Simply existing in the world can create stress on both the body and mind; massage therapy is a powerful, non-invasive tool to relieve this stress and prevent potential damage to the body.
His specialties include reflexology, prenatal massage, therapeutic stretching, and lymphatic drainage.


Farshid Jahanparast

Massage Therapist

Farshid knew from an early age that he wanted to help people and fulfilled this passion as a medical doctor in Iran where he practiced medicine for ten years before moving to the U.S. He always felt that massage therapy had an important role in alternative medicine and so he pairs bodywork with his extensive medical background to help with long-term healing. Farshid works with athletes as well as individuals with chronic pain and provides tailored, individualized bodywork to aid in relief and promote relaxation. He incorporates myofascial release with stretching techniques and is an expert at hot stone therapy. His positive outlook is infectious!


Ian Mosher

Massage Therapist

The third sibling in their family to pursue massage therapy, Ian has spent 17 years working with high-level athletes in tennis and golf, as well as senior populations to engage with body structures in an effective but relaxing manner. At The Still Point, Ian listens actively to connect with guests and help them achieve their wellness and mobility goals, gaining immense satisfaction from the ability to help others. Outside work, you can find Ian spending time with family or practicing Olympic weight lifting.


Karina Flores

Massage Therapist

A gifted massage therapist, Karina helps people find physical relief they didn’t think was possible. Although she practices many modalities, prenatal massage is a specialty she particularly loves as she knows that mothers-to-be need focused attention to ready their bodies for the big job that is to come! Karina loves the joy people receive after an amazing massage session, and having been in a physically and mentally demanding career prior to massage, she appreciates what bodywork can do after a long work week. When not in the treatment room, you can find Karina engaged in her newest hobby, sewing!

MT_Lalani Stevens copy

Lalani Stevens

Massage Therapist

With an undergraduate degree in health-physical education and exercise science, Lalani is skilled at pain relief and injury rehabilitation and incorporates a series of techniques from deep tissue and myofascial release. For optimal recovery and healing, she often suggests a home component of stretching or exercises to complement treatment room work. A new mom, Lalani is back maternity leave and is particularly gifted in pre- and post-natal massage!

Linda Baron

Linda Baron

Massage Therapist

With a genuine interest in your whole well-being, not just a specific body part that is bringing you discomfort, Linda’s bodywork sessions promote both physical and emotional wellness. A kind and compassionate massage therapist, Linda promotes awareness of the mind-body connection. She is a practitioner of yoga therapy and Thai Massage, and brings this unique healing modality to The Still Point in addition to traditional modalities that promote relief from pain and stress. An acute listener, Linda believes that feeling more ease in your physical body leads to insights that facilitate personal transformation. She spends extensive time doing yoga, kayaking, gardening, and cycling and recently did a 462 mile bike ride through the midwest.


Mary Gauker

Massage Therapist, reiki master

Having had health challenges that western medicine could not adequately address, Mary sought out alternative modalities. She was amazing at the healing power of energy work, particularly reiki and chakra balancing, and realized that not only were they helpful for her but that she could use her skills to help others and thus made a career change to therapeutic massage. Known for a deeply relaxing massage, she also is certified in prenatal massage and lymphatic drainage. Having visited over 30 countries, it goes without saying that Mary loves to travel! She also spends her free time reading, hiking, and practicing yoga and meditation.

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Nicole Williamson

Massage Therapist

After beginning her career as a physical therapist assistant, Nicole came to The Still Point as a licensed massage therapist, where she leverages her quiet, reliable openness to help guests achieve their relaxation and self-care goals. When not at The Still Point with guests who don’t want their sessions to end (and we quote!), Nicole can be found making clay sculptures or spending time with her son.


Pamela Lee

Massage Therapist

With a passion for helping people achieve total wellness, Pam’s approach to massage therapy includes tools and tips for self-care beyond the treatment room. Her unique approach to custom massage services includes training and experience with TMJ issues, neck work, and facial lymphatic massage in addition to trigger point therapy and stretching. Wellness to her is a whole-life approach that includes weaving good practices throughout our lifestyle from what we eat, our quality of sleep, and our self-care routine. When not caring for others in her treatment room Pam is being creative, doing photography and decorating.


Ursula Tillery

Massage Therapist

Ursula is not only a massage therapist, but is also what she has coined a “healing space facilitator”– someone truly passionate about self-care and the promotion of living a balanced life.  As the “Queen of Self-care”, Ursula is ardent about pain and stress management, emotional balance, and moving about life gracefully. She believes that to be of service is the greatest gift, and has dedicated her career to Massage, Reiki, and Yoga. Additionally, Ursula is also a Thai Yoga Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Chakra Balancing Practitioner, and Guided Meditation Teacher.  Ursula wakes up dancing, enjoys meditation and painting, and has a natural zest for life because she understands the importance of filling her cup first.  She finds that helping others find their still point has been the greatest reward.


Dr. Dewaynia Wilson

Acupuncturist, Esthetician

Dr. Dewaynia is a licensed Acupuncturist and Esthetician. Using Five Element and distal needling techniques, she treats the body, mind, and spirit safely and effectively. Having started with The Still Point in 2009 as an esthetician, Dr. Dewaynia experienced how acupuncture complemented skincare by healing the skin from the inside out. This was the spark that lead to obtaining both her Masters and Doctorate in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Using mindfulness, meditation, subconscious clearing, and emotional freedom technique allows her to address the present symptoms as well as the root cause so results are long lasting.


Melissa Lee


Having experienced profound healing through acupuncture herself, Melissa immediately knew that she wanted to be able to offer this same healing to others. She is passionate about creating a space where deep healing can occur; where we can allow people to connect with their body’s natural wisdom so that they can live life to its fullest. She often includes multiple modalities in her treatments, such as cupping, gua sha, essential oils and tuning forks. Her calming presence helps you tune into your own deep, innate intelligence for healing. Knowing the value of disconnecting, Melissa enjoys hiking, writing, gardening, and traveling.

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Sydney Morgan


After working as a pharmacy technician to help people with their health, Sydney found acupuncture as a way to do so in a more holistic way and avoid the downsides of pharmaceuticals. She brings that passion for restoring health and relieving pain to her work at The Still Point, where her compassion and attentiveness to the unique needs of her guests help them improve their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When not supporting the wellness journeys of others, you can find Sydney with family, in her community, or going on an adventure with a good book in hand.


Dejah Monae


A life-long self-care enthusiast, Dejah found herself dealing with skin issues leading her to develop her interest and understanding of skin care. Years later, Dejah provides facial and waxing services with a deep attention to detail and a gentile loving touch to guests at The Still Point. Her belief that when you look good, you feel good and can operate at your potential guides her efforts and passion for her work, and she feels best when her clients see the results of her efforts. 

Esti_Jojolin Hector

Jojolin Hector

Master Esthetician

Having achieved Master Esthetician status, Jojo is passionate about offering expert esthetic services and support to guests on promoting their most gorgeous skin. Beyond just skincare and products, she knows that vibrant skin is achieved through a healthy lifestyle and offers education on how to compliment a skincare routine with practices that promote a beautiful glow. She has a caring and honest approach to beauty both inside and out and her many years of experience translate to what many call a “magical hand” at her facial services. Jojo values meditation, long walks outdoors, and is a very creative cook at home.

Acuglow facial takoma park

LaKisha Smith


LaKisha, a seasoned esthetician with over a decade of experience, is deeply committed to giving her clients authority over their skincare. At the core of LaKisha’s practice is her dedication to education, guiding clients to cultivate confidence in their skincare routines. She excels in providing custom facials and waxing services. LaKisha’s extensive knowledge of skincare products and thoughtful philosophy on ingredients, is matched only by her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Watching her clients radiate as they achieve and maintain their skincare objectives energizes LaKisha day after day. When she’s not with clients, you’ll find her making scented candles, and listening to J Cole. Dependable and humorous, LaKisha is an invaluable member of our skincare team.

Geneo facial takoma park md

Ksenia Igonina

Master Esthetician

Ksenia has achieved Master Esthetician status and has international experience in dermatology and plastic surgery industries. She is skillful at bringing your best skin to light through minimally invasive, natural technologies. Providing personalized facials that address your specific needs, Ksenia expertly chooses the right technologies to help you reach your skincare goals. Her vibrant energy is infectious and you leave her treatment room feeling as good as you look. Knowing that wellness is a lifestyle she chooses, Ksenia unwinds with great books and loves to explore the world.


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